Tech Firm, Andela, Goes Fully Remote

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 25 – Technology firm, Andela has announced that it is selling off its properties and going fully remote due to the effects of COVID-19 plus operational costs. This comes weeks after announcing plans to go 100% remote, Andela is finally losing off its offices in Africa and also selling off their equipment.

The rumors were confirmed way back in May, by Andela’s CEO, Jeremy Johnson in a tweet when he said, “it is true that we’re going fully remote, but it’s not a secret. We announced it earlier this week to all Andelans”.

In addition to going fully remote, transition will help the software development firm focus on enabling talent required to think differently about talent itself. Andela has broadly been known as the top network of engineers across the continent of Africa. While they’ve trained more than 100,000 people through programs like the Andela Learning Community, in order to actually be placed with a company, they’ve historically had to be a full-time Andela employee.

The company says that this limited the opportunities they’re able to provide, and it also reduced the breadth of talent available to their customers. As Andela expands its network to include top engineers from across the continent, and eventually around the world — they won’t require engineers to be full-time employees to apply for opportunities, Andela’s CEO, Jeremy Johnson confirmed.

This means Andela’s future plans include having a global engineering talent network not only confined in Africa. And this transitions will allow the company to expand access to top talent for our customers and increase opportunities for the best engineers around the globe.

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