Power distribution more efficient in Benin Republic, other African countries: TCN

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 16 – The Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) has revealed that distribution of power is more efficient in Benin Republic and some other African countries Nigeria supplies electricity. This is why these countries have more stable power supply.

Nigeria supplies about 80 percent of the total quantum of electricity consumed in Benin Republic but Benin has more stable power supply than Nigeria, TCN has said.

Nigeria, through the TCN also supplies power to the Republic of Niger and Chad, and these countries are classified as international customers in the Nigerian power sector. Usman Mohammed explained the reason why these neighbouring countries get better power supply is because they have better electricity distribution networks and he advised that power distributors in Nigeria should pay a visit to these countries to learn.

He added ” In Nigeria, you know that we have what we call cross arm, where they (Discos) put woods between the wires on distribution lines. But you won’t see a single cross arm in the whole of Cotonou. You have a straight and good distribution network there”

He further said “we cannot have a stable grid unless we have an adequate investment on the distribution side and that is why we have been calling for a recapitalization of distribution companies. They need to have a commensurate investment on the network”

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