Nigerians Kick as FG Reveals National ID Card Renewal to Cost N3000

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SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 15 – It now costs N3,000 to renew and N5,000 to replace the National Identity Card, the Federal government has revealed; a development that has sparked negative comments from Nigerians worried that their citizenship may expire soon and they would have to pay to renew it.

There are different means of citizenship identification, including International passport and Drivers Licence. However, the National Identity Card, issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has been made compulsory and is fast becoming the basis for issuing other means of identification in Nigeria, hence the scramble to get it.

However, Today’s Echo gathers that only few people get the Identity Card, what most people get is a slip bearing a National Identity Number(NIN).

To most Nigerians, the NIN is also free, and does not have a validity period, until now.

On Monday, the NIMC casually tweeted that it will cost Nigerians N5,000, payable through Remita, to renew the NIN. This has been confirmed by a staff of the Corporate Department of the NIMC.

NIMC also said that applicants who wish to renew their card can visit any NIMC office with the required documents to obtain their card.

The requirements include a written application with attached proof of payment receipt made through remita, bank teller, NIN slip and submit it at our office.

” Card renewal costs N5,000 payable through remita.” NIMC tweeted.

The tweet also explained that the main focus of the commission was to ensure that all Nigerians are enrolled.

” Our main focus is ensuring that all Nigerians are enrolled and issued their NIN and Your NIN is the most important token of your enrollment.

According to the commission, Nigerians can authenticate their National Identity Number through the NIMC verification portal.

”Your NIN can be authenticated through our verification portal without your card” NIMC tweeted.

” You will be issued your cards when funds permit, Please bear with us and Your NIN is generated immediately for you upon successful completion of your enrolment.”

The NIMC statement does not state the validity period of the NIN and Nigerians are seeking answers to several questions arising from this development. A lot of comments have been generated on social media, especially Twitter.

” N5000 to renenw National ID card??? That means your citizenship as a nigerian expires after a certain period of time so you have to renew your citizenship with N5000 or else you are no longer nigerian? Who brought up this foolishness???” a twitter user called Warepamor Sam commented.

Another Twitter user, Olamide replied the NIMC, saying:

“Traveling passport, driver’s license & national ID card will all expire, and @nigimmigration, @FRSCNigeria & @nimc_ng will make you pay to get them renewed, but @inecnigeria made your voter’s card to have life validity. Only our votes matter to them. This is deliberate wickedness.”

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