FG Improves Rail Services, Introduces Free Wifi, Medical Assistance, Books and Magazines

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 09 – The Federal Government has embarked on the rapid modernization of the railway transport services across the country to make the trains more comfortable and effective.

Some of the new improvements include the introduction of Free Wifi, Medical Assistance, Books and Magazines on the trains.

The reforms are championed by the Bureau of Public Service Reform.

Today’s Echo gathers that the Bureau of Public Service Reform will be working with Nigerian Railway Corporation to improve its services to the public in ensuring that customers are able to book their tickets, schedule their journeys, obtain information about routes and fares online;
Frequent customers enjoy loyalty packages such as discounts, rewards etc.

“Current train stations and onboard services provide for passengers with special needs;
Customers enjoy complimentary snacks while on board; Trains are kept clean and tidy before customers get onboard,” The Bureau of Public Service Reform said in a recent statement.

According to the Bureau, Medical assistance are available for customers onboard in case of any emergency; Signages for guidance of travelers are provided at the train stations;
Customers on board have access to free wifi , books and magazines to remove boredom; and
Effective grievance resolution mechanisms are in place for complaints and service failures.

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