“I went into a coma” when Jonathan conceded defeat in 2015, says Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari revealed that he went into temporary coma out of surprise when Jonathan called him to concede defeat during the presidential election cycle in 2015. The president made the remark when he received key figures of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Aso Rock.

According to Buhari, “When the former President rang me, I went temporarily into a coma.

“I will never forget the time. It was quarter after 5pm and he said he called to congratulate me and that he has conceded defeat. He asked if I heard him and I said yes and I thanked him for his statesmanship.

“The truth is after being a deputy governor, a governor, Vice-president and President for six years, and he took that decision is great.

“He could have caused some problems. He had stayed long enough to cause problems,” he added.

The President said he decided to host the party chiefs in order to assure them that he was aware of the country’s problems and he would always reflect on the incidents that preceded his assumption of office.


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