We Have Defeated Boko Haram, What We are Fighting Now is ISWAP: Buratai

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The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has said that the Boko Haram terrorist group has been defeated by the Nigerian military vowing that ‘Boko Haram will never come again as Boko Haram’.

He explained that what is happening in the North East is the metamorphosis of ISWAP, Islamic State of West Africa Province, which is an attempt by a group of international criminal organizations to explore the loopholes created by the breakdown of law and order in some neighbouring countries to perpetrate criminality in the sub-region.

Speaking when children of several schools in Abuja visited him to learn more about book, ‘THE LEGEND OF BURATAI’, written in his honour and presented to the public on May 17, Buratai however stated that just as Boko Haram was pursued out of the North East, the current band on international criminals operating under the guise of ISWAP will also be chased and hunted down.

Schools present at the interaction ceremony included the White Plain British Schools, Abuja, EFAB International School, Gifted Hunira Arcade, Command Children School Mogadishu, Command Day Secondary School, Lungi, and Command Secondary School Suleija (Boarding).

On the book ‘ The Legend of Buratai’, the Army Chief said he has tasked the author, Dr. Abubakar Sani to prepare for volume 2 noting that it will involve some true live events in his life which were not captured in volume 1.

“The next synopsis of the book in volume 2 will capture real life encounters with Snakes both in Nigeria and abroad, encounters with ghosts both white, black and crawling ghosts, miraculous escape from drowning at the age of 8 years, encounter with scorpions among others”.

Going back memory lane, he said, in 1973 when I was out hunting with his peers, “We went hunting and a snake chased me. I turned to face the snake and the snake out of fear crawled away. I also remember one evening in Angola; I had another encounter with snakes. I have also had contacts with snakes in my bedroom and in the year 1996, I saw a snake in my staff car (official car).

“Maybe this is the reason why I own a snake farm” he added.

Earlier, author of the book, ‘The Legend of Buratai’ said over 240 students from various in the FCT were at Merit house on 17th May for the public presentation and launching.

“The book came about because children want to join the Army & military but they don’t have mentors or heroes to look up to. In other countries, we have ‘Chaka the Zulu’, ‘Zorro’ and other heroic literature for youths and school children.

“Here in Nigeria we are lucky to have people who can inspire our children, our future but they are not documented.

“The fearlessness & courage of Lt. General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, the COAS is something that inspires and children would like a character that is inspiring like him

The author added that one thing Gen. Buratai has, that is worthy of inspiration is his diligence, Commitment, meticulousness, humbleness and these are basic principles which the COAS adopted throughout his life.

Chief Launcher of the book, Alhaji Awwal Garba who was represented by Alhaji Tajudeen Yusuf said Lt. Gen. Buratai has done well for the Nigerian Army and the nation will leave behind a very big shoe to fill with his immense achievements in future.

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