We don’t want Grandpa as president anymore: Fayose rubbishes Buhari’s declaration

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Ekiti State governor, and prominent critic of the APC, Ayo Fayose has released a new barage of attack on the president an the Federal government following President Buhari’s declaration yesterday that he will be running for second term in 2019.

Fayose said Buhari’s election bid is dead on arrival. He stated last night on his Twitter page:

“That 2nd term ambition of President Buhari is dead on arrival. We don’t want Grandpa as president anymore. Nigeria does not deserve a Buhari as president in 2019. He is old and tired.When people don’t know when to take their leave & say bye, Nigerians will show them the exit door”

“Buhari has failed in all fronts.  He has failed in his so-called fight against corruption, he has failed in the economic front. He has not done well in term of security. Gruesome killing of Nigerians is now a daily occurrence in Nigeria.”

“Buhari has done more harm to this country. His ambition is a means by which Nigerians will tell him good riddance to bad rubbish when they boot him out of office. He is an easy candidate to defeat in the poll because he has failed woefully.”

On the recent Offa attack, which left over 17 people dead, Fayose criticized government response and handling of the situation.

“I’m still wondering how long it will take Police Helicopters to get to Offa from Abuja or Lagos. Robbery operation lasted for over one hour and there were no Why police helicopters to trail the robbers? Are those helicopters owned just for decorations?


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