We are Hungry, Give us Our Salaries, LAWMA Supervisor Rails

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 14 – A Lagos State Waste Management Authority supervisor has lamented the nonpayment of workers’ salaries for three months.

In a video that went viral on Instagram, the official vehemently blasted the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, saying he had no compassion for the elderly women cleaning the roads.

Claiming to be an asthma patient, the official showed viewers his empty kitchen, saying he had no food to eat.

He said, “Mr. Ibrahim, LAWMA MD, what did the poor do to you? What did the mothers do to you? What did they buy from your tray, and did not pay, that you decided to make them go through this kind of punishment?

“We go to work every day. We ensure that Lagos State is clean. We go to work very early in the morning till 4 pm – when we return home. When there was COVID-19 lockdown, we had no break. We were still going out and ensured that Lagos was clean.

“When it was time to pay our salaries, how did it suddenly become hard for you? You are owing us three months’ salaries. We are hungry. The mothers are hungry. Give us our salaries.

“I am an asthmatic patient. I work with LAWMA as a supervisor. Look at what I use? Ask a doctor, ask them at the pharmacy how much it is worth. It is N6,500, with this one (inhaler). When they did not pay my salary, where do you want me to get money to buy my drugs?

“And we are toiling. What is the essence of the work? We are the ones keeping Lagos clean. Ibrahim, LAWMA MD, don’t allow the widows to curse you. If they curse you, it will stick.”

The worker who was almost in tears begged the LAWMA boss not to “destroy the good work” Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was doing. He called on the governor to come to their rescue, saying the workers are hungry.

Responding to the outburst in a statement, LAWMA said the government cared about the welfare of the street sweepers.

The statement said, “To put the records straight, it is important to inform and educate concerned members of the public, who have been sympathetic and appreciative of the daunting challenges we encounter in ensuring a clean environment and the resolve of Mr. Governor in achieving the “THEMES” agenda of this administration.

“The sweepers though, are engaged by contractors who are responsible for their upkeep. Despite this, the authority and indeed the state government prioritise their welfare and wellbeing, hence, they are given adequate care, support, and protection.

“The authority has since made April payments to our sweeping contractors, for onward disbursement to their staff members.

“In addition, efforts are being made to ensure prompt release of subsequent payments, not only for May but all future payments.

The state government commended the efforts displayed by the workers during this COVID-19 pandemic period assured them that the authority will continue to pay an optimal premium to their welfare.

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