Violent Clashes As Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary

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Police in Hong Kong have clashed with anti-government protesters marking the anniversary of its handover from UK to China.

In chaotic scenes on Monday, police used pepper spray and batons to contain protesters outside a venue hosting an annual flag-raising ceremony.

The angry scenes ramped up tension in the international financial hub.

It has been shaken by historic demonstrations in the past three weeks, driven by demands for the withdrawal of a bill that would allow extraditions to the Chinese mainland.

Democracy activists kicked off another large march through the city.

But that rally was overshadowed by small groups of mainly young, masked protesters who had seized three key thoroughfares in the morning, sparking renewed clashes with police after two weeks of relative calm.

They smashed windows at the city’s legislature and tried to force their way into the building by ramming a metal cart through reinforced glass doors.

The government has agreed to suspend it indefinitely, but the rallies continue and Chief Executive Carrie Lam is facing ongoing calls to resign.

Pro-democracy events are held every year to mark the handover. Large crowds are expected to attend a march and rally later on Monday, but police are now urging the organisers to shorten or 

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