Vacation Order: He Won’t go Unpunished, Northern Gov’s Aide Threatens Akeredolu

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SWITZERLAND, JANUARY – Following an order by the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, ordering all Fulani herdsmen to vacate the state’s forests, an aide to one of the norther governors has threatened that Akeredolu would be ‘punished’.

According to Sunday Independent, a close aide of a northern governor, who pleaded not to be the named, described the Ondo governor’s move as an embarrassing ingratitude taken too far.

This is an embarrassing ingratitude taken too far by Governor Akeredolu, who has benefitted immensely from Fulani leaders, includ­ing President Muhammadu Buhari and many governors.

“When some of the gover­nors were trying to help the Ondo governor in his re-elec­tion, some of his friends warned that he would disap­point them.

“That was the reason my principal, for instance, was very careful about his second term bid. Now, we have seen it all.”

The aide, who spoke to Sunday Independent exclusively, expressed disappointment that Governor Akeredolu who had benefitted immense­ly from the support of Fulani leaders, including many of the APC governors in the north, would turn around to stab them at the back.

“The man thinks he has arrived because he had won re-election and his case at the tribunal appears to be head­ing his way with the PDP’s inability to call witnesses.

“But, he has forgotten that he has a longer way to still go in his quest to be fully settled than the path he has taken so far.

“He has suddenly forgot­ten that we have the Appeal, and even the Supreme Court. Tell me, who is in charge of the Judiciary that he is misbehaving. We are disap­pointed and he won’t go un­punished as we progress in this struggle.

“There is no reason to be a slave to one political party if this is the way to go on the part of the Ondo governor. So, where is the difference?

“Whether PDP or APC, what matters is the personali­ty and we are ready to ensure the man does not remain as governor. He is an ingrate. We shall show him our stuff soonest,” he said.

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