Usman Shugaba, First Lady’s ADC Exonerated, Restored

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 22 – The aide-de-camp (ADC) to First Lady, Aisha Buhari has been restored to his post following his exoneration by a police panel. He was initially reported to have been redeployed by the Inspector-General of Police, pending the conclusion of investigations into an altercation that led to the firing of gunshots in the presidential villa premises.

The ADC, Usman Shugaba, who is a police officer, was absolved of any complicity by an investigative panel which was drawn from the Security Council.

Also, other security aides of the First Lady have been returned to the Presidential Villa.

But a nurse on the private jet from Abuja to Lagos and Kano, which caused misunderstanding at the Villa, has tested positive.

The Federal Government has however directed that all staff at the private wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja for COVID-19 test.

A misunderstanding between the First Lady and an aide to the President, Sabiu Tunde Yusuf, over compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

The family challenge led to shooting at the Villa, the withdrawal and detention of the First Lady’s ADC and other security details.

Both sides claimed that the other fired the shots.

The President also directed that the incident be investigated.

It was learnt that a team, comprising Security Council members, probed the case last Monday.

As at Saturday, the panel had cleared the ADC.

According to media sources, a top source, who spoke in confidence, said: “The First Lady has got all her staff back because the investigative panel discovered the ADC did not fire a shot in the Villa.

“It was discovered that the ADC was not even at the scene of the incident and he was not armed on the said day.

“The panel was also able to establish that there were no armed policemen at that moment. There were only issues about compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

“What really happened was that a presidential aide travelled to Lagos penultimate Monday in a private jet and when he returned last Thursday, the First Lady asked him to isolate for 14 days.

“The whole intent of the First Lady was to protect President Muhammadu Buhari and his household from COVID-19 infection. It was not really a personal matter per se.

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