US Attorney-General Says no Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud

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SWITZERLAND, DECEMBER 02 – In what amounts to a big blow to the Trump campaign, The United States Attorney-General, William Barr has announced that there is no evidence of voter fraud in the last presidential election in which Joe Biden of the Democratic Party defeated incumbent, Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

Republican governors and secretaries of state have certified results that show he lost on November 3. And he has so far failed to stage an Electoral College coup.

But Barr’s admission Tuesday that his Justice Department has looked for significant voter fraud but has found none that would change the result is sure to be treated as a betrayal by a President who demands sworn fealty from subordinates

Barr’s political heresy came on a day when it also became clear that the President’s exit from the White House will be accompanied by the same clouds of scandal, constitutional chicanery and politicized legal gambits that shaped the most disruptive presidency of modern times.

Barr did offer the President a consolation prize by announcing that he had appointed prosecutor John Durham, who has been probing the origins of the Russia investigation, as a special counsel. This is no mere change of title: the designation means Durham will carry on his work during the Biden administration — and becomes a political landmine primed by Barr for whoever the President-elect chooses to replace him.

The risks inherent in Trump’s continued denial of reality and claims that the election was corrupt — which are eagerly embraced by his followers — are becoming increasingly clear in the strain imposed on GOP election officials.

Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager at the Georgia secretary of state’s office, issued an emotional appeal on Tuesday for the President to denounce threats faced by election officials.

“It’s all gone too far,” said Sterling, a Republican.

“Someone’s going to get hurt, someone’s going to get shot, someone’s going to get killed, and it’s not right.”

But at a White House Christmas Party on Tuesday night, that featured little social distancing on a day more than 2,400 Americans died of Covid-19, Trump again claimed falsely that he had won the election and mused about “another four years” in office, either now, or after the 2024 election.

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