United States to sell more Agricultural products to Nigeria: Trump

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The United States president, Donald Trump has announced that the US will be selling more of its agricultural products to Nigeria. This was said during a joint press conference with president Buhari at the Rose garden of the White House today.

Trump revealed that he is negotiating a deal to get American Agricultural products into Nigeria. Yet, both Buhari and Trump indicate that US purchase of Nigerian crude will not increase.

When asked about American demand for Nigerian crude, Buhari admitted that he has not negotiated a deal with Trump to increase American purchase. Yet, the Americans want to increase the sale of their own products to Nigerian.

Many Nigerians will be uncomfortable with this development as Nigeria is expected to become more agriculturally self-sufficient, while exporting to other countries. It will be unfortunate if government policy tilts toward importation of food at this point when we are trying to diversify our economy.

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