Trump Sold Out the Kurds For a Hotel: Robert De Niro

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SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 10 – Hollywood Star, Robert De Niro has accused US President, Robert Trump of selling out Kurdish lives in exchange for the successful opening of the Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Kurds are a charming middle-eastern ethnic group based in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. They have been US allies for decades and were instrumental in the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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However, Turkey sees them as terrorists because of their struggle for independence in Southern Turkey.

Early this week, Turkey announced that it has begun a military campaign against Kurds in Northern Syria, at the same time Trump announced America is withdrawing forces from the area. This has sparked outrage and accusations that the US has betrayed the Kurds.

De Niro tweeted a video of the grand opening of the Trump Tower in Istanbul with Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka and the Turkish President, Recep Tayip Erdogan in attendance. De Niro captioned the video:

“Here’s video of Trump attending the grand opening of Trump Tower in Turkey. Ivanka even thanked Erdogan on Twitter for this deal. Gonna say it loud and clear: TRUMP IS SELLING OUT KURDISH LIVES FOR A FUCKING HOTEL!”

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