PHOTOS: Tears, anger as victims of Benue massacre are buried

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The victims of the Benue massacre have been buried in Makurdi in a solemn event attended by multitudes of people.

Tears flowed freely and people expressed their anger and sadness as the bodies of over 50 men, women and children, who were murdered in cold blood by Fulani herdsmen.

The event has gone viral as many people post pictures on social media platforms and discuss the menace constituted by the barbaric Fulani herdsmen and government’s ineptitude at protecting its citizens.

A twitter user, with the username, Ka, said: “Dear today we mourn our people who were killed by the marauding herdsmen, this should’ve been averted if your government was responsible enough. Posterity shall judge you for your ineffectiveness in handling this crisis.”

Another Twitter user said: “73 lives, young and old, men and women, learned and non learned; that is how much the Tiv people of Benue State have used in bargaining peace, yet the FG has refused to sell this peace to us. What is our crime?”

See more photos below:

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