Stop this Superiority Complex About Human Rights, Kagame Tells the West

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 25 – President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame has said the Western world should stop viewing human rights from their lenses of superiority and stop judging other countries.

Kagame, who is often hailed for transforming Rwanda from the horrors of a brutal genocide, to a prosperous economy, spoke in a blunt and insightful interview with journalists from media outfit, France 24.

In the video that is currently trending on social media, Kagame said:

“You really need to stop this superiority complex nonsense about human rights We’ve fought for human rights and freedoms for our people much better and more than anyone including you people who keep talking about this nonsense. Where we have taken a country and where it is now, speaks for itself. The rest of the stories just come from this complex.”

“You know these two worlds where there are people who know everything about human rights and all kinds of things and another world where [there are] people don’t know. But these are our human rights. When we respect the things we respect in our countries, it’s not for you, it’s not for anybody else, it’s for ourselves, ” he added

The France24 journalist interjected; “Is it not a universal rights?”

Kagame answered:

“Yes, it is universal, but you don’t sit there. If it is universal and you believe it, then you don’t become the judge yourself. You don’t start telling the others what to do, what they should not do, or that what they are doing is not to your satisfaction. Who are you?”

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