Rwandan President, Paul Kagame Addresses Anti-Corruption Summit in Abuja (Photos)

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 11 – The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame has addressed the Anti-Corruption Summit organized by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja ahead of the National Democracy Day Celebration.

Kagame arrived in Abuja on Tuesday and began his two day visit with his attendance of the Anti-corruption summit with the theme; Curbing Electoral Spending: A Panacea to Public Corruption.

Delivering his speech at the summit, Kagame said:

“Fighting corruption is dangerous, but not fighting it is much more dangerous.”

He also said that corruption needs to be tackled from the top down, this is the effective approach while emphasizing that the purpose of transparency is not to impress others but rather to make ourselves better’

“This country’s is truly Africa’s greatest engine protection and this is how we see Nigeria. Overcoming corruption has 4 key point in my own opinion: Culture , Responsibility, Accountability and effectiveness

“We have to set our sights high. It is not enough to “fight corruption” just as merely “fighting poverty” is too small an ambition for Africa. We want to create value and wealth not merely fighting corruption. Corruption does not take decades to eradicate. Huge gains can be made relatively quickly, once we decide to break the habit. That brings me to responsibility.”

“Corruption is a universal weakness, not only in Africa, and it is not part of our destiny as a continent. Research has also prove that some of the biggest sources and beneficiaries of corruption are outside of Africa, and this has always been the issue, ” he said

Kagame also congratulated President Buhari on his re-election and the people of Nigeria on the road ahead.

“President Buhari is Africa’s champion against fighting corruption and we thank you very much for your effort,” he said

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