RUGA: South-East Governors Prohibit Movement of Cattle into the Region by Foot

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 10 -State governors in the South-East region has banned the movement of cows into the geo-political zone through the bush path by foot.

The governors stated this in a statement signed by the Director General, South-East Governors Forum, Prof. Simon Ortuanya.

They said henceforth, movement of cows into the zone should be done through the roads by using trucks in conveying the animals and offloading them to their specific cow markets.

“We will no longer allow foreign herdsmen to bring their cattle into our geopolitical zone through the bush paths by foot because this is what always cause conflict between our people and the herders,” the governors declared.

The governors restated their position that they have not and do not intend to donate lands for the creation of Ruga settlements or implementation of the National Livestick Transformation Plan (NLTP) in the region, promising to support states where the initiatives will be established.

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