RUGA Settlements: Ondo State is Only Interested in Ranches – Akeredolu

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 02 – Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has reacted to the controversial Federal Government initiative to build RUGA settlements for Fulani herdsmen.

Akeredolu said his state is only interested in ranches and the primary reason for the RUGA settlements does not factor in the interests of every State.

“Our stance on the RUGA settlements debate is clear. Ondo is only interested in ranches. We have 2 large ranches existing in Akunnu & Auga. Auga can accommodate 5000 cows. A key difference here is that we have no preference for who manages the cattle. The ranch owners decide,” Akeredolu said on Tuesday.

“The primary reason for RUGA Settlements, although understandable does not truly factor the interests of every State. We have a youth unemployment crisis our ranches can address. Ondo State must prioritize agriculture due to the arable nature of our land.

“A lot of our land is already earmarked for forest reserves. The FG must understand why we need to be strategic in our decision making. We implore the FG to revisit the proposal based on feedback from the different States & act accordingly.

“Not the same. The focus of a ranch is the livestock. These are grazing areas. The focus of the RUGA settlements are the people managing the livestock. These are communities,” Akeredolu added.

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