RevolutionNow: Writer, Elias Ozikpu Beaten and Forced into Police Van

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SWITZERLAND, AUGUST 5 – Writer and Human Rights Activist, Elias Ozikpu has been arrested by the police during the RevolutionNow Protest on Monday at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

Today’s ECho had earlier reported that true to its promise, the Nigerian Police dispersed the RevolutionNow protests with sheer force. Gunshots were heard ad cannisters of teargas were shot at the protesters. Many were arrested as others scampered to safety.

Heavily armed security operatives were spotted on the streets of Lagos and the National Stadium as the protesters gathered,

In a video making rounds, Elias Ozikpu iss seen dragged and beaten into a Police van for allegedly running his mouth and raining insults on officers stationed at the stadium.

Prior to the release of the video, Ozikpu, told TheCable, that he was discussing the protest plans with others when security operatives crossed over the road to meet them.

“We were standing here, while they watched us from the other side. Suddenly, they moved on us and said we can’t talk to the press. We weren’t even talking to the press yet. We were addressing ourselves,” he said.

Elias Ozikpu is the author of the Novel ‘Souza Boy’, published in 2014 under the Nigerian Writers Series.

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