Rampaging bandits in the North are like ‘Army of the Dead’ in Game of Thrones: FFK

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PDP chieftain and former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode, known as FFK has compared the scourge of the rampaging bandits unleashing violence in parts of northern Nigeria to the Army of the Dead in the popular ongoing HBO TV series; Game of Thrones.

“Like an ocean of demonic and devouring locusts that strips bare everything in its path,hordes of ISIS/ ISWA footsoldiers move in huge numbers through our land with death on their wings.They are an evil and malevolent force:a dark wave of life-wasting and blood-sucking zombies,” FFK laments in a recent tweet.

“They are like the infamous and terrifying ‘Army of the Dead’ in HBO’s famous blockbuster series titled ‘Game of Thrones’: they burn, slaughter, decimate and destroy every living thing that lies in their path. They are savage. They are evil. They are godless. They are barbaric!”

Northern Nigeria has been the hotbed of violence in recent times. There are now several violent hotspots with varying factors fueling the conflicts in different places. In the North-East, the menace is the Boko Haram and ISIS in West Africa(ISWAP). In the North Central, a lingering incursion of mostly Fulani herdsmen into areas domiciled by mostly Christian farmers has sparked untold violence. In the North-West, including Zamfara state, bandits are being blamed for attacks on villages that have led to several deaths.

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