#PMBinUS: Trump welcomes Buhari, holds joint press conference with him

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At About 5:05 pm Nigerian time today, President Donald trump welcomed Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari to the White house for a meeting.
The US president ushered Buhari into the White house.

President Trump and President Buhari of Nigeria took questions from reporters at today’s news conference at the Rose garden of the White House.

Most of the questions bordered on immigration, security situation in Nigeria, trade, and terrorism.

Trump re-emphasized his stance on immigration, saying that without borders, there will be no country. He also stressed the need for a border wall and more security. he refused to apologized for his widely criticized comments about third world countries. he also criticized the rising religious and ethnic violence in Nigeria. He expressed his disappointment at the persecution of Christians, especially the burning of churches.

Buhari thanked the US for its role in defeating Boko Haram and sending aid to the war-torn NorthEastern Nigeria. He repeated his stance that it is the elements of ISIS and other terrorist groups that have made their way to the Sahel and are causing trouble in Nigeria and other places.

Trump revealed that he is negotiating a deal to get American Agricultural products into Nigeria. Yet, both Buhari and Trump indicate that US purchase of Nigerian crude will not increase.

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