PDP to Downsize Staff as Cash Crunch Hits

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 19 – The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has notified staff at its headquarters and at the Peoples Democratic Institute, of its plan to sack them.

The NWC set up a committee on the matter but is yet to receive and discuss the report of the committee.

It was further learnt that the downsizing of the workers was the main agenda of a recent meeting between the staff of PDP and PDI and an official of PDP NWC, who requested not to be named.

It was also gathered that the party plans to pay the staff that would be affected their severance allowances as contained in the party’s Establishment Manual signed by the PDP National Chairman, Uche Secondus.

According to the highlights of the meeting signed by the Chairman of the PDP/PDI Staff Welfare Committee, Mr. Innocent Nwankwo, the monthly wage bill of the establishment staff (PDP/PDI) amounted to about N15m while their total staff strength is 96.

It was learnt that the plan to downsize the workers was necessitated by the need to rightsize the workforce, reduce redundant staff members and the over-bloated wage bill.

Nwankwo said that the rightsizing was not necessarily because the party’s fortune was dwindling.

He added that the party was still strong financially as it had 16 State Governors, 44 senators, 131 House of Representatives members and about 390 members of States’ Houses of Assembly.

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