Patrick Obahiagbon Picks APC Nomination Form For Senate

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House of Representative member from Edo State, Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon  has picked APC nomination form to contest for Senate in 2019.

The Reps member was asked; ho you know that many people don’t take you serious when you talk?

See his hilarious response below:

Why will I be perturbed from ensoncing myself in the palatable arms of Morpheus because people have deprived themselves of the cultivation of the regime of mental magnitude? I read all the farrago of baloneys and vacuous bunkum from pepper soup objurgators. The spirit of animadversion remains their fundamental human right. It also remains an indubitable fact that I get millions of requests daily from people all over the world requesting for my verbal mentorship which positive cosmopolitan reactions have assisted my equipoise and righteous sense of pachydermatous garb. I can’t put my nose to the grindstone daily and expect to be understood by those luxuriating in a modus vivendi, verging on pepper souping, goat herding, suyaing, big stouting and isiewulising. Has a philosophical wag not once pontificated that things of the spirit are spiritually discerned and that it takes the deep to call the deep?

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