Over 1 million Nigerians slip into poverty in 4 months

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According to the World Poverty Clock, created by Vienna-based World Data Lab, 88,011,759 Nigerians are currently living in extreme poverty.

In June 2018, the Brookings Institution named Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world, with 86.9 million extremely poor people.

The most recent figure indicates that over 1 million Nigerians have slipped into extreme poverty in the past four months.

Nigeria overtook India as the world poverty capital, despite being six times smaller in population than the Asian country.

The World Bank, IMF, United Nations, and major development institutions across the world forecast that Nigeria will not hit the 2030 target for ending global poverty.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also suggest that West Africa, primarily, Nigeria will host 40 percent of the world’s poorest people by 2030.

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