Outrage over New Yorker magazine’s inappropriate image of Trump

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The cover of the upcoming issue of The New Yorker features an image of Donald Trump standing nude as he answers questions from a gaggle of reporters with their hands in the air. A judiciously placed lectern covers a crucial part of the president’s anatomy as he points to a member of the press.

The illustrator, Barry Blitt said, “I wanted to address President Trump’s stormy relationship with the press,” (“I can definitely describe his junk perfectly,” Stormy Daniels said, of her own relationship with Trump.)

Critics said the image was disgusting and repulsive. They accused the magazine of body shaming the President and said the fact it was being directed at Trump, who has many critics, still doesn’t make it OK. Even people who dislike Trump commented saying it was inappropriate.

Conservative commentator Britt McHenry told Fox News that the cover is another sign of “intolerance and mean spirited behavior” from the liberal media.

McHenry said: “Why is his weight relevant? There has been a lot of turbulence within the White House Administration the past couple weeks with high profile people resigning. Focus on what actually matters, if criticism is all the media wants to project.”

According to The New Yorker magazine, the illustration by Barry Blitt “recalls the prophet Bob Dylan, who once noted, in ‘It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding),’ that ‘even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked,’ ”

Art Editor Francoise Mouly wrote that the illustration was selected from a group that included images of school shootings and the death of Stephen Hawking.

“Once the image was selected, Blitt honed the cast and contour of certain love handles, then glazed the work in his signature watercolors,” Mouly wrote.

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