No apologies for my statement on retiring godfathers in Lagos: El-Rufai

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 14 – Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai has stated that he has no apologies for his recent statement on retiring godfathers in Lagos.

El Rufai had last week, in a public function at Ikoyi, Lagos, spoke of how he retired godfathers in Kaduna State. He advised the people of Lagos State to apply his model to sack any godfather holding the state down.

El-Rufai’s comment’s is believed to be aimed at undermining Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who is revered as the godfather of Lagos and is also in the same party with El-Rufai.

However, the Kaduna state governor reiterated his position on Monday and insisted he had no apologies for what he said.

When asked about whether he was referring to Tinubu during his visit to Aso Rock, El Rufai said:

“We are in the same party, we get along very well. I don’t know if he is godfather of Lagos State, but I know for sure we have retired godfathers in Kaduna.
“I have told those that asked me questions, there are 6 million voters in Lagos but only 1 million people voted in the last election so there are 5 million people you can bring to the count and you can defeat anyone if you work hard.”

“If anybody feels offended by that, that’s his business…. I have no apologies, I don’t apologise for my views”I don’t have to explain anything to anybody, ” he added

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