Why Proudly Celebrate Terrorism? Nnamdi Kanu Reacts to Herdsmen Images on New Passport

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 12 – Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has criticised the Nigerian government on the appearance of herdsmen images on the new Nigerian passport.

“And now that you have terror herdsmen & their cows on your new International Passport, do you still have any doubt? Every nation has pantheons. Is the fourth most deadly terror group in the world among the pantheons of Nigeria? Why proudly celebrate terrorism?” the separatist leader said on Thursday, via a tweet.

In Nigeria, the current perception of herdsmen is controversial as armed Fulani herdsmen have been blamed for escalating insecurity across the country. A protracted conflict between herdsmen and farmers in various parts of the country has killed thousands and forced many more from their homes.

Nevertheless, the Fulani remain a recognized ethic group in Nigeria.

A recent government initiative to create RUGA settlements for the nomadic Fulani herdsmen was met with outrage in the South and government had to suspend the initiative.

Kanu’s comment is coming after similar criticism from other Nigerians, including Pastor Apostle Suleiman.

The Nigerian Immigration has reacted to the widespread reports and criticisms through its Twitter handle an shared more pictures of the passport.

The attention of the Comptroller General of Immigration Service, Muhammad Babandede MFR has been drawn to some reports that the pages of the new enhanced e-Passport are adorned with the symbols/cultural artefacts of a particular ethnic group. This is to the contrary.

2. Many countries including Nigeria often use their vital public structures&documents to display their cultural heritage.The pages of the new enhanced e-Passport are beautifully adorned with the cultural symbols/artefacts of the various ethnic groups in the country.

3. Nigerians who have been issued with this very Passport are advised to check through the pages to verify our position on the matter. However, suffice that we display some pages of the document here.

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