Nigerians Angry as Buhari Approves N37 Billion to Renovate NASS

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-White House renovation costs $1.75 million(N635.3million)

– N28 billion approved for FCT in 2020 budget

SWITZERLAND, DECEMBER 18 – There is widespread outrage among Nigerians after news broke out that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved a whopping sum of N37 billion to renovate the National Assembly complex which consists of the Senate and the House of Respresentatives.

On Wednesday, as part of his birthday celebration, Buhari signed the 2020 budget.

“It is my pleasant duty, today, on my 77th birthday, to sign the 2020 Appropriation Bill into law. I’m pleased that the National Assembly has expeditiously passed this Bill. Our Federal Budget is now restored to a January-December implementation cycle”, Buhari declared at the signing ceremony, surrounded by National Assembly leaders.

It is now believed that the approval of the N37 billion was a quid pro quo for the speedy passage of the 2020 appropriation bill by the National Assembly, a job they have done perfectly.

However, his N37billion gift to the National Assembly has incensed many Nigerians, especially with comparisons made about what the fund could do in other spheres of national life.

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While Today’s Echo cannot immediately verify the details of how the fund will be used, the amount seems too large for the renovation of a complex reportedly built with N7 billion. Today’s Echo gathers that the seat of the American government; the White House was renovated in 2017 for $1.75 million(N635.3million), an amount not even up to 2 per cent of the budgeted fund for the NASS renovation.

Moreover, the amount budgeted for the entire FCT, inside which the NASS is located, is just N28billion.

Some Nigerians have taken to Twitter, slamming both the executive and the legislature for what they believe is another attempt by the political elite to illicitly enrich themselves to the detriment of the masses.

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