Nigerian youths are lazy, they want everything free, Buhari tells commonwealth

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President Muhammadu Buhari says many Nigerian youths just want to sit down and do nothing, banking on the notion that Nigerian is an oil-rich nation.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster on Wednesday, the president said a lot of Nigerian youths have not been to school and they want everything free.

The president said that Nigeria has a very young population, most of whom were uneducated but wanted everything offered them on a silver platter, just because the country is an oil-producing nation.

“About the economy, we have a very young population, our population is estimated conservatively to be 180 million. This is a very conservative one,” Buhari said.

“More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education for free.”



The president is expected to meet with business leaders and other heads of state as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting progress through the week.

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  1. olarewaju 19 April, 2018 at 10:23 Reply

    Because they are busy doing nothing but to steal and destroy, they won’t see this.

    50 Nigerian youth entrepreneurs examined.

    Nigeria as a developing country as a lot of opportunity in it that majority of the country population cant see, the see the problem not the opportunity. But there are some exceptional individual who decided not to ignore the problem and focus on the opportunity the country has to offer, and these guys have been really successful in all different kinds of industry, the music, engineering, business, sports and many more.

    Here in the context we are going to be examining 50 young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Yes I said 50, their name, name of business and what propels them (their passion).
    These entrepreneurs were carefully selected from across various business sectors, ranging from Real Estate to Technology, Oil & Gas, Media, Fashion, Food, Financial Services and Consultancy, amongst others. In no particular order, this is a list of 50 young and successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

    ShegzyKool Aesthetic
    A fashion designing outfit owned by Segun Ijiwande, 29. His passion: ‘I have been passionate about fashion designing right from my secondary school days. Back then, I used to watch my mum design outfits. She was a top designer then. So, I was able to learn a lot from her.’
    A business that focuses on beauty products, makeup, makeup instruments, skin care products. Jennifer Uloko, 24 is the Chief Executive Officer. Her passion: ‘I have always had a flair for beauty products; everything from makeup to makeup instruments and skin care products. It has always been my passion.’

    Ceunitonc Farms
    Ceunitonc is a poultry business which focuses on breeding chicks for egg and meat purposes owned by Joseph Ukpong, 23. His passion: ‘I got trained in the poultry business at a young age. While I was living with my uncle who was into poultry farming, I used to help him out with minor activities on his farm. Every day I would follow him to the farm; it was always fun time for me. I was quite observant; I used to monitor all the operations of his poultry farm. It was there I got my first-hand knowledge and experience and developed passion in poultry farming.

    November Cubes Grills and Take Out
    A fast food restaurant. The Managing Director, Mr. Anifowoshe Habeeb, 29. His passion: ‘I am an entrepreneur with a huge vision, endless dreams and great passion. However, I am at present engaged in fast food business and construction. I am also looking at making some investments in real estate in the near future.’

    Sannykayz Kitchen
    Sanni Sheriff, 24. His passion: ‘I run an events company in Lagos, Sannikayz Events, as well as a social media driven television network, Sannikayz TV. The brand started in 2010 out of my burning desire for business and contribution towards the growth of the Nigerian economy.’

    The Executives
    Nnamdi Okonji, 25, is the Managing Director, The Executives, an event management enterprise. His passion: It gives me joy when I mix a drink and people are truly satisfied with it. I get referrals from the job I have done and this excites me. People always encourage me to go into it on a large scale.’

    Jaytech Global Concepts Limited
    30 year-old Jennifer Jemedafe is the Chief Executive Officer of Jaytech Global Concepts Limited, a social media management company. Her Passion: ‘I discovered that I had a flair for using social media for business purposes. I learned from my mentors you could turn whatever you had a passion for into a business. It doesn’t have to be the biggest thing or something everyone is doing. As long as your chosen business was adding value to society, you would eventually make money out of it.’

    Starlight Book Reading Club
    The Founder of the Starlight Book Reading Club for Children, is Adunola Macaulay, 27year-old. Her passion: ‘I have always had a passion and love for children, even as a child. It seems so amazing that my passion for children has been with me for as long as I can remember. And, even now, it seems to increase each time I partake in activities that help children to become better.’

    Indigo Events Services
    The Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Events Services, Temitope Oluwajimi, 25 went into event management after studying Computer Science. Her passion: ‘I have always had a flair for event management. I enjoy social events that are properly planned. I had so much passion for it that I got professional training for event management and other complimentary services.’

    House of La’creme Nigeria
    27 year old Donald Muo is a lawyer by training but a designer, an event planner and the publisher of La’crème magazine. His passion: ‘ My journey into publishing came as a result of my passion for it. People wondered why I wasted so many years studying law when I could have studied Mass Communication or any other related course.’

    The founder of IndulgeCakes, Pogoson Esesua, 21 started her business out of not wanting to be affected by the unemployment rate in Nigeria. Her passion: ‘During my early period in school as an undergraduate, cake baking was not on my mind. However, along the line, I realised how high the unemployment rate in Nigeria was and still is, I began to give a thought to setting up a business.’

    Lady Fern’s Home
    Ebunoluwa Momoh, 27, is the Chief Operating Officer of the Lady Fern’s Home, a home-made food delivery company based in Lagos. Her passion: ‘I have always loved the concept of buying and selling from primary school. Back then, I would buy a cup of granulated sugar, repacked it into small plastic bags and sell to my family members at N2 each.’

    BMAT de Barber and BMAT Beauty Academy
    Toyin Towolawi, 29, is the managing director/chief executive officer of BMAT de Barber and BMAT Beauty Academy. Her passion: ‘My father was a baker while my uncle was a professional barber who used manual clippers. They both had apprentices that worked for them. I enjoyed their independence and this informed my decision to be on my own.’

    29 year-old Temi Kolawole is the Chief Executive Officer of Antigravity, a web design and development company. His passion: ‘I just had to look at the bigger picture and realise that I was aiming for something much more than a salary. Even though it might not materialise immediately or might take a longer time to get there, I knew what I wanted to do.’

    Cruise Events Limited
    Oreoluwa Adeleke, 30, Director/Co-Founder, Cruise Events Limited an event management company. Her passion: ‘After graduating, I decided to follow my passion for event management by taking up some event management courses in Oxford and Las Vegas. Thereafter I decided to start my event management company in 2008.’

    Atoke Makeup
    Kehinde Afodeso, 27, is the Director, Atoke Makeup, a beauty and makeup outfit. Her passion’ When I meet someone, the first thing I look at is the person’s features. I watch out for the shape of the eyes, and lips, and I come up with a makeup style that would enhance the person’s beauty and features.’

    Yox Studios
    Ayokunle Yoloye is the 29-year-old Creative Director of Yox Studios, a brand identity design and print outfit. His passion: ‘I drew and coloured a lot while growing up and I was exposed to graphic designs as early as 14, due to experimenting with the computer at my dad’s printing press, but I never knew identity design was a profession; so wanting it as a career never came to mind. I was ecstatic about design and print, but my toying with it was solely for the pleasure I derived from it.’

    Nearest Locator
    Ayoola Ajebeku, the 25-year-old Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer of Nearest Locator, a mobile application. His passion ‘My interest in information technology started when I was in secondary school, watching documentaries on television about how technology was being used to create amazing things in Japan. I began telling my friends that I would become a technologist.’

    NerdBevy Limited
    Ademola Odebode, 26, is a Co-founder of NerdBevy Limited, an information technology company. His passion: ‘NerdBevy is focused on the challenges we all face in our environment. We carefully study the aspects that people have difficulties with and we proffer solutions to them.’

    Bally Tylor
    Mr. Obafemi Olayinka, 26, is the Managing Director of Bally Tylor, a fashion designing outfit. His passion: ‘Passion for designing clothes keeps me going. Based on the experiences I had, I discovered that crisis has a way of bringing out the best in people. There is a quote which says “Every dream will be challenged.” This quote and others have burned in me a fire to excel in life against all odds.’

    BAU Research and Development
    25-year-old Gossy Ukanwoke is the founder of an academic network, Students’ Circle, and President of BAU Research and Development. His passion: ‘I knew being self-employed was bound to happen but I didn’t know it was going to happen this way. I knew I would get bored working for somebody else. I didn’t necessarily know that this was what I would be doing at this point. It was just a case of things happening and all leading to a particular destination.’

    Teeshogs Clothier
    The Creative Director of Teeshogs Clothier is Taiwo Olushoga, 25. Her passion: ‘I’m a graduate of Sociology from University of Lagos, but my passion for fashion made me to resign from paid employment in an oil and gas recruiting firm to become a fashion entrepreneur.’

    Sissie Natural
    Saidat Bello, 25, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sissie Natural. Her passion: ‘I decided to study more about natural hair and skin care products and during this time; I discovered I did not only like what I was doing, I started having passion for it. And so I decided to turn it into a business.’

    Dej Shoes Enterprises
    Owned by 28 year-old Deji Ijaware. His passion: ‘I used to draw a lot when I was a little boy. I’d just see something and draw. I’d draw cars, cartoon characters, just anything that fascinated me, and I still do. But now, I draw shoes. I love to think about a design, scribble it on a piece of paper and bring it to life.’

    Miss Temitope Popoola, 24, is the Creative Director of Temiwrites a writing brand. Her passion: ‘I picked up writing as a child. Although, I’ve always been a science student, reading books opened me up to other possibilities. When I started, I found out I could hide myself in it. It became a haven for me like an emotional cave and over the years, it simply got better while I got more immersed in it.’

    Me-Naissance Group Limited
    Twenty-seven-year-old Muyiwa Omosa is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Me-Naissance Group Limited, a mobile phone application firm. His passion: ‘Me-Naissance Group is a technology company set up with the aim of bridging the technological gap between Africa and the rest of the world and to solve business problems with the help of technology.’

    Distinct Look
    Miss Olanike Babalola, 30, a professional beaded jewelry designer is the Creative Director, Distinct Look and Assistant Secretary, Beaded Jewelry Designer Association of Nigeria. Her passion: ‘The inspiration came basically from unemployment, especially the age discrimination with regard to available jobs.’

    The founder of SESEWA Support Services is Adeoye Adekunbi, 29. Her passion: ‘The first on the list was my desire to change the world, to impact lives and to leave a legacy. I was also inspired to venture into the business of internship because there are no internship business models in Nigeria.’

    Tomi’s Colour Pavilion and Beauty
    The Chief Executive Officer, Tomi’s Colour Pavilion and Beauty, is Mrs. Oluwatomilola Adenuga, 27, a makeup artist. Her passion: ‘I have always loved beauty, fashion and everything that has to do with it. I used to sneak out to do my makeup even when I was in secondary school. And from my university days, nothing attracts me more than the art of beautification.’

    Prosellers Nigeria Limted
    Mr. Niyi Ologunleko, 30, the Managing Director, Prosellers Nigeria Limted a business consulting company. His passion: ‘We are concerned with helping businesses to gain sustainable competitive advantage by increasing their capability to consistently sell more. In other words, we are in the business of repairing other businesses, because any business that is not growing is definitely dysfunctional.

    Seun Friday Couture
    Owned by Seun Friday, a 26-year-old fashion designer. His passion: ‘For me, fashion started from university days. I would combine clothes and get great comments from people. After my tertiary education, the passion I had for well-made clothes grew. I didn’t just want to look good; I wanted to make other people look good too.

    Hesey Designs
    The Creative Director of Hesey Designs – a fashion label that specializes in creating custom-made apparels and accessories for women., started Hesey Designs with little capital. Her passion: ‘ I have always been intrigued by the fashion industry, even as a child and have always wanted to build a fashion brand that would promote the Nigerian culture and build the economy. I passionately believe that trade not aid is key to Africa’s development.’

    La Porsche Cakes, Confectionery and Catering
    27 year-old Temitope Oluwole is the Managing Director of La Porsche Cakes, Confectionery and Catering. Her passion: ‘I was looking for what I could do with my hands. I developed my passion for cake making before my national youth service year.’

    Damilola Solesi, a 25-year-old owner of SMIDS, an animation production company. Her passion: ‘I have always loved cartoons; ever since my growing up days. I started out as a gamer from the age of seven and dreamt of being a game programmer until my SS2, when I saw the first Pixar Animations Studio movie, Toy Story. I just knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.’

    Byolita Beauty Signature
    Managing Director of Byolita Beauty Signature, Abiola Seton, 29. Her passion: ‘I always liked makeup and after my national youth service, I moved from one job interview to another until someone suggested a Mary Kay business idea to me.’

    Chidoz Computers Limited
    Chidozie Stanley, 28, is the Managing Director, Chidoz Computers Limited. His passion: ‘What made me decide to run my own business was the desire to create job opportunities for myself and for other young people that live around me. I had people who were looking for jobs in my area and I said to myself that it would be better to start something.’

    LarryGold Business Link Limited
    Lariat Alhassan, 30, Managing Director/CEO of LarryGold Business Link Limited, makers of Larclux paints. Her passion: ‘I have been an entrepreneur all my life. In and out of school, I have worked for people but I always had it in mind that I would be an entrepreneur.’

    The founder (Entrepreneur) of AMA-Dove, an educational outfit, is Michael Adekanle, 29. His passion: ‘I used to dream about my future, about how it would look like. When I started work a few years ago, I knew my salary wasn’t going to take me far but would only give me a good start in life as a man. When things became unbearable with my little salary, I honuorably resigned from my employment so I could have enough time to invest in my business and make it grow.’

    Henry Blessing Global Venture
    Sunday Ogbu, 30, is the Managing Director, Henry Blessing Global Ventures – a communications niche dealing with the repair of handsets, selling telephone accessories. His passion: ‘I decided to run my own business because there are not enough jobs in Nigeria. I cannot depend on government to survive and I cannot be wasting my time and future searching for jobs that are not there. I told myself that I could create a job for myself.’

    Purple Events
    Entrepreneur behind Purple Events is Jumoke Sawyerr, 30. Her passion: ‘I have always loved to come up with one new idea, product or the other. I greatly derive pleasure in being unique, breaking new grounds in business and being a pacesetter.’

    Thelma West Diamonds
    The Creative Director, Thelma West Diamonds – a business which deals in wholesale and retail of diamonds, precious stones and jewelry is Miss. Thelma West, 30. Her passion: ‘I have always been in love with great looking jewelry and sparkly pieces. I always played around with my mother’s collection as a child.’

    Media Insight
    Ms Adeshola Komolafe, 30, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Media Insight – an integrated marketing communications company. Her passion: ‘I have always had a passion to help people consistently meet their communication objectives; to help people create and sustain communication between their brands and their target institutional, and individuals communities.’

    Esther Mélange Clothing
    Adeola Adeuja, 26, is the founder of Esther Mélange Clothing. Her passion: ‘As I grew older, my love for fashion design superseded all others. I realised I like making people look good.’

    Travel & Business News
    Mr. Ewos Iroro,29, is the Publisher, Travel & Business News. His passion: ‘Long before I became an aviation reporter, I had always known I would be in business. I already had a registered business name well before I started working for my last employer. However, my experience as a reporter made me hungry for more and I decided I needed a new challenge.’

    Wades & Groovepark
    29-year-old Chief Executive Officer, Wades & Groovepark – fashion industry, Mr. Adewale Adesina. His passion: ‘I used to have issues with the size of my clothes. Whenever I bought 14-and-a-half shirts, the sleeves were usually not long enough. So I thought it would be better to make my own clothes. When I got back to school, I came up with a logo that would become my fashion label. I just had it there – on standby.’

    Solution Point
    The Founder/Chief Operating Officer, Solution Point, is endowed with experiences in a number of businesses including farm support, forex trading and Internet marketing. His passion: ‘My passion for creativity is the first reason for starting my own business. Secondly, I have always had the desire to proffer solution to challenges and problems around me at any given time.’

    Chenix Enterprises
    Simon Ocheni, 26, is the Chief Executive Officer of Chenix Enterprises – a concept that the produce and package Ijebu garri with milk, sugar, groundnut, kuli-kuli and kilishi. His passion: ‘This is an idea that I came up with so as not to be stranded after my National Youth Service. I never wanted to roam the streets with my curriculum vitae after my NYSC. That is what gave me the inspiration to go into this business.’

    Artsmith Collections
    Gbenga Dada, 24, an accessory designer and Philosophy graduate, is the Chief Executive Officer of Artsmith Collections. His passion: ‘I’ve always been fascinated by beautiful, handmade creations; I would stare for long minutes at aesthetic statues, abstract paintings and fashion items in lifestyle magazines. Somewhere along the line, I took a step towards making my passion an enterprise by learning how to string beads from a kind church member who noticed my keen interest in fashion.’

    Anthonia Osho, 27, is the founder of Toniques, a clothing store. Her passion ‘My parents are into business in their various professions, and as a child growing up, I was very eager to help out and run errands for them. This was where I got the exposure. I started going to Lagos Island to get supplies for my dad’s company.’

    Ezekiel Solesi, a 28-year-old business consultant, and owner of the firm, LIMBsimple. His passion: ‘I started a personal business development when I was in JSS3. I was fortunate to have great friends who encouraged me to read books and attend conferences from a tender age. So, from that time, I knew I was always going to be an entrepreneur.’

    They are young, upwardly mobile and on top of their games. These young men and women, who are under 31 years of age, have taken their destinies in their hands, defying all odds, to become their own bosses, despite the harsh economic terrain they face in Nigeria. They deserve it!

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