Nigeria Among 20 Hungriest Countries in The World: Report

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SWITZERLAND, OCTOBER 17 – Nigeria has been ranked among the 20 hungriest countries in the world. In the latest Global Hunger Index, Nigeria is placed in number 20.

Central African Republic is ranked the Hungriest country in not just Africa, but the whole world in general. The country topped the annual world hunger index on Tuesday as aid agencies warned that climate change was making it increasingly hard to feed the world.

Produced annually by Concern Worldwide, the Global Hunger Index examines the available data for hunger levels around the world.

Chad has the third-worst GHI score in the world and the second worst in Africa according to this year’s ranking; at 44.2, it is considered alarming. Chad’s child mortality rate is 12.3 percent, the second-highest rate in this report. Chad ranks 186th out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index, with only South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Niger ranking worse.

Overall, the 2019 GHI scores indicate that global hunger is moving from serious to moderate, reflecting a 31% decline in global hunger since 2000. However, multiple countries have higher hunger levels in 2019 than they did in 2010. Conflict, inequality, and the effects of climate change are all contributors to these instances of high levels. Here, according to the 2019 Global Hunger Index, are the current top 20 hungriest countries in Africa.

Africa Rank | Country | Score
20. Nigeria, 27.9
19. Tanzania, 28.6
18. Mozambique, 28.8
17. Ethiopia 28.9
16. Rwanda, 29.1
15. Guinea-Bissau, 29.6
14. Angola, 29.8
14. Niger, 30.2
13. Sierra Leone, 30.4
12. Uganda, 30.6
10. Djibouti, 30.9
9. Congo, Rep. 31.0
8. Sudan, 32.8
7. Zimbabwe, 34.4
6. Haiti, 34.7
5. Liberia, 34.9
4. Zambia, 38.1
4. Madagascar, 41.5
2. Chad, 44.2
1. Central African Republic 53.6

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