New video gives insight into the lives of drug addicts in Kano

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With Nigeria under attack from the menace of drug addiction, concerned stakeholders are unravelling details of this dangerous trend and its devastating effect in the lives of young Nigerians.

In a new video released by media outlet; Bounce TV, we are given an insight into the lives of drug addicts in the city of Kano, commonly known as Shayi Shayi.

This is coming on the backdrop of recent revelations on Nigeria’s codeine epidemic, with the BBC releasing a video whereby a sales representative from a foremost Pharmaceutical company was caught selling codeine illegally to undercover reporters.

However, the makers of the new video reveal their purpose at the beginning, asking “why is everyone focussed on the supply chain? Why is nobody asking why is nobody asking why they got addicted in the first place.”

Drug abuse is the use of certain chemicals for the purpose of creating certain pleasurable effects on the brain

The video documentary involves several interviews with current/ former drug addicts, giving insights into their experiences and how they became addicted.

See video below:


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