New UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to Recruit 20,000 Police Officers

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 25- The newly inaugurated Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has revealed that he intends to recruit 20,000 more police officers.

Johnson said this during his first speech as the Prime Minister. He announced he was “immediately” getting to work to improve school funding and recruit more police officers, in his first speech as Prime Minister.

Speaking in Downing Street fresh from his meeting with the Queen, where she formally asked him to accept the top job, he insisted the UK would leave the EU by October 31 – but said he was starting work straight away on a series of major domestic policies.

Mr Johnson said: “My job is to make your streets safer… to make sure you don’t have to wait 3 weeks to see your GP.”

He added: “We will fix the crisis on social care  once and for all.” And he said: “My job is to ensure your kids get a superb education wherever they are in the country.”

He said he would “immediately get to work” on these issues, adding: “I will take personal responsibility for the change I want to see … the buck stops here.”

And he pledged to “unleash” the economic power of the regions of England  said: “It is time we unleashed the productive power not just of London and the South East but of every corner of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

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