Marry Mubaiwa: Ex-Model Allegedly Married Zimbabwe’s Vice President Without his Consent, Tried to Kill Him(Exclusive)

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Summary of charges against Marry Mubaiwa:

  1. Fraudulently gotten herself married to Vice President Chiwenga without his consent by deceiving court officials
  2.  Attempting to kill her spouse by “tampering with his medical equipment”.
  3. Illegally siphoning close to $1 million out of the country to South Africa.
  4. Illegally sending more than $281 000 to a South African bank account.
  5. Externalising money by paying $230 000 into South Africa for a new Range Rover.
  6. Sending a driver and an aide to China last year with $114 000 in cash.

SWITZERLAND, DECEMBER 17 – The story of 38-year old ex-model Marry Mubaiwa has taken Zimbabwe by storm. She is the woman whom her husband and Zimbabwe’s vice-president Constantino Chiwenga has accused of fraudulently getting married to him without his consent and attempting to kill him in order to take over his estate.

Mubaiwa appeared in court on Monday during a hearing on an earlier money laundering case against her. She had earlier been accused of externalizing close to $1 million illegally out of the country and arrested.

According to the court papers, she unlawfully externalized a total of $114,000 to China through her driver and another accomplice.

She also allegedly laundered about $1m to neighbouring South Africa by pretending to pay for goods that were never brought into Zimbabwe.

However, many people were shocked when new serious charges were announced on Monday. She was accused of getting herself married to Chiwenga without his consent by deceiving court officials and attempting to kill him while he was in hospital in South Africa.

Today’s Echo gathered that Chiwenga was airlifted to a specialist hospital in South Africa as part of a medical emergency back in June. He reportedly received treatment in Cape Town and Gauteng, spending at least one month in the country. Zimbabwean officials wanted to keep his visit under wraps.

However, according to the court papers filed against her, Marry Mubaiwa had upon arrival in South- Africa, denied her husband access to medical treatment by insisting he stay at a hotel instead of a hospital when he was flown to South Africa for emergency medical treatment. The security forces had to force their way in to take him to the hospital.

“On 8 July, 2019, at about 2000 hours, the accused (Mubaiwa) came to the hospital with intent to cause serious harm to the complainant (Chiwenga). She ordered the security personnel to excuse her alleging that she wanted some privacy with the complainant. The security personnel went outside, leaving the accused with the complainant inside the ward.

“Whilst alone with the complainant, accused unlawfully removed the medical Intra Venus Giving Set as well as Central Venous Catheter which were inserted to the complainant and the complainant started bleeding profusely.

“The accused forced the complainant off the bed, held him by hand and moved out from the ward before being intercepted by the security personnel at the exit door. The hospital staff was called by the security personnel and they reconnected the Intra Venous Giving Set and the Central Venous Catheter and resuscitated the condition of the complainant,” the charge sheet reads.

In addition to the attempted murder charges, her husband has accused her of fraudulently concocting and executing a plot to get married to him without his knowledge and consent.

Part of the charge sheet reads:

“During the year 019 on the date to the prosecutor unknown, the accused misrepresented to the Judge President George Mutandwa Chiweshe that herself and the complainant had consented to we under the Marriage Act, Chapter 5:11 under the marriage licence on the 2nd of July 2019 at their place of residence at number 614 Nick Price Drive, Borrowdale Brooke, Harare. The accused then submitted copies of national identity documents of both parties to the Judge President George Mutandwa Chiweshe without the consent of the complainant.”

A source, however, pointed out to Today’s Echo that there is a lot of unanswered questions in the story and the case against Marry Mubaiwa may be politically motivated as she is seen by some people as getting too powerful due to the influence she wielded on the Vice President.

“Let’s not forget that we are talking about the Vice President of Zimbabwe here and it is not easy for her to have done all these things she is accused of doing without her fallen out of favour with him. If she really wanted to kill the Vice President, she could have done it in more subtle ways,” the source added.

General Constantin Chiwenga was the head of Zimbabwe’s Army. In 2017, he managed to successfully topple Zimbabwe’s President of 37 years Robert Mugabe through a military coup, ushering in Emerson Mnagagwa.

In the early days of President Mnagagwa’s regime, Marry Mubaiwa and Constantin Chiwenga seemed so much like typical lovebirds. Mubaiwa was seen as close to her husband before and immediately after he led the military coup that forced the late former president, Robert Mugabe, to resign in 2017.

 However, Mubaiwa reportedly fell out of the Vice President’s good graces after allegedly demanding that he write a will at a time when he was battling for his life. Now she stands a good chance of spending the rest of her life in prison

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