Man says second coming of Jesus is between 2030 and 2040

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Popular premelenial futurist, who has written extensively on apocalyptic issues, Don Koenig has predicted that Jesus Christ will come back to Earth between 2030 and 2040.

Read his article below:

I have been writing articles on the Internet since 1999. Ever since I started this ministry I have said that the second coming of the Lord will most likely take place between 2030 and 2040 AD. The 25 world trends series that kicked off my website in 1999 points to that timing and it still does.

Over the last seventeen years, I have written over a thousand topical articles. I mention that because some people who find this blog are not aware of all the other articles. They can be found by doing a keyword search from the search box at the bottom of the website home page.

Back in 1999, saying that the second coming was as late as 2030-2040 was not well received by some Christians. Some of my regular readers still insist that it will occur sooner. Many thought the Rapture would have happened by now. They obviously were over-exuberant. Some are still expecting the tribulation to start before the end of this decade. I think that timing is premature. The tribulation events probably will start to play out in the 2020’s. Until then, the satanic world system remains on the eve of its destruction.

There is a lot of hype on the Internet about the Antichrist coming in the next couple of years but Bible prophecy should not be based on conjectures about full moons, opening portals, the return of Nibiru, Nimrod, the Nephilim, etc. Such conjecture can be interesting, but this stuff really tells us nothing about God’s timing. The second coming timing speculations of writers historically has been consistently wrong. The timing of end time events obtained from extra biblical writings, demons or even from Satan means little. The second coming of Jesus only occurs in God’s timing.

Hitler was a type of satanic Antichrist. He failed to turn out to be the Antichrist because the Church was not yet complete. Satan probably has always had a Son of Perdition in the wings but the timing of the opening of the Abyss for the Antichrist deception is God’s alone. I think the timing of God is best seen in the big picture.

I wrote about 25 world trends that point toward a 2030 to 2040 second coming:

The Jews
World debt
The end of the age
Subtle signs in scripture
A new super state in Europe
Designer diseases and genetics
Nuclear chemical and biological weapons
Islam and the rise of an Arab confederacy
A new world wide green movement
The witness of the Holy Spirit
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Violence all over the earth
The rise of paganism
The harvest is ripe
World government
Sexual perversion
False prophets
Black is white

If these world trends did not continue to support my 2030 to 2040 second coming conjecture, I would change my view. Everything still seems to moving along on schedule. I certainly see little reason to believe that the second coming will occur sooner. It also is difficult to see how it could occur later. The world is clearly on a path to self-destruction before 2040.

Keep in mind, that the Rapture will likely be 7 to 10 or more years sooner than the second coming. That means the Rapture will most likely occur in the 2020’s or in the few remaining years of this decade. Many who believe the tribulation will start during this decade are amillennial or post millennial. They do not believe in the pretribulation Rapture. That is why they either look for the Antichrist or else they have some form of Dominion Theology.

The end time signs are given for Israel. There need be no signs for the snatching away of the bride of Christ. Yet, the bride Church can know the general season of the Lord’s coming based on Israel and based on what the Bible says about conditions on earth prior to His return.

The Antichrist is not revealed until after the Church is removed, so it makes little sense to try to identify that person now. Since the 1980’s, every time there was a new American President, some claimed that this President would be the Antichrist. They consistently were wrong. And President elect Trump is not the last trump � or Antichrist either.

Back in the 20th century many religious people followed prognosticators like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Jean Dixon. Nothing they said came true. They used forbidden occult means to obtain their false prophecy but many religious people believed what they said anyway. There also were false prophets in the Church that claimed spiritual gifts they did not have. They deceived many. Some deceived themselves. It is no better today – those with itching ears continue to follow people claiming to have received special revelation or some sort of hidden knowledge.

False teachers of Bible prophecy that were consistently wrong in the past are still being followed and promoted by Christians or they would not exist on the Christian media. Their livelihood is selling conjecture to those that find little purpose on earth for being here. They obviously make a good living at it.

The timing of the Lord’s coming for the Church is not known for darn good reason. Some want to believe differently for all the wrong reasons. I think if the Lord directly told the Church that God was delaying His coming until other people in the world come in, some Christians would rebuke Him. That in effect is what they are doing when they put the Lord in an Antichrist box of someone’s design that set the opening for 2017.

Like the bridesmaids in waiting, let us be astute but let’s not be foolish.

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