Madagascar Re-imposes Lockdown amid Surge in COVID-19 Cases

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 06 – Madagascar authorities have again imposed a total lockdown in the Analamanga region due to the surge in coronavirus cases.

Analamanga is a region in central Madagascar, containing the capital Antananarivo and its surrounding metropolitan area

The government announced that the lockdown measures will be effective for a period of 15 days, starting from Monday, July 6 till July 20.

The lockdown will include a ban on traffic in and out of the region and a curfew on the movement of people on the street to slow the spread of the virus.

“Only one person per household is allowed to go out into the street between 06:00 and 12:00. Food production units, materials, and equipment necessary for the fight against COVID-19 will be authorized to open,” the statement read.

According to the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently 2,941 confirmed cases, 32 deaths and 1,108 recoveries in the country. Close to 24,000 tests have been done so far.

Earlier in May, Madagascar made headqay when President Andry Rajoelina launched a herbal tonic known as CovidOrganics, which contains the anti-malarial artemisia plant, claiming it could cure and prevent Coronavirus.

It has been widely distributed and is being given freely to pupils in schools across the country.

Although its efficacy has not yet been scientifically established, several African countries have since ordered it to try it for themselves.

The African Union, however, requested for scientific data on the “safety and efficacy” of the product following the World Health Organization’s warning against using untested remedies to treat Coronavirus.

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