Liberia Govt Blocks Social Media Sites From Broadcasting Protest Against Bad Governance

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Switzerland, June 8

In what seems to be an attempt to legally blind the world from being in the know of the protest by thousands of Liberians who gathered in the country’s capital, Monrovia on Friday to kick against “corruption and creeping dictatorship” in the country, social media sites were blocked.

According to the internet monitoring platform NetBlocks, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google’s Gmail service and the website of The Associated Press were among the sites affected.

Liberia’s Minister of Information Eugene Nagbe confirmed that due to “security concerns”, social media platforms were shutdown temporarily.

He said, “We are not saying that the protesters were carrying out things detrimental to the nation, but the national security apparatus said there were threats to the country and the services were temporarily disrupted.”

The protests were organized by a group called the Council of Patriots, who presented a petition to delegates from the government of President George Weah, who has been in office for just over one year.

The document stated that Liberians are suffering “harsh economic conditions and encouraged by bad governance, deliberate and wanton collapse of integrity systems…””We have come to say no to bad governance, abuse of power, corruption and creeping dictatorship,” said Henry Costa, one of the leader of the protesters.

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