Liar! Aisha Yesufu Reacts as Amaechi Denies Being Attacked By Kidnappers

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SWITZERLAND, FEBRUARY 17 – Human rights activist and co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, Aisha Yesufu has called Rotimi Amaechi, Transportation Minister, a liar after Amaechi denied reports he was attackd by kidnappers.

An online news medium, Daily Nigerian, had exclusively reported that the former Rivers State governor alongside other passengers heading to Kaduna by train escaped being abducted.

The attack said to have occurred at Rigasa train station around 8:15pm, was unsuccessful due to the timely intervention of police and military personnel.

But the minister while reacting described the report fake news saying it was entirely concocted. He refused to release further details on whether he boarded the train or not.

“Fake News. This is completely concocted,” Amaechi tweeted on Sunday.

On Monday morning, Aisha Yesufu tweeted:

” Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi you should be ashamed of yourself. My sister, my brother and my sister-in-law were in that train. When your convoy scattered and you fled like a new born mouse whom water have been poured on, it was witnessed!. GOVERNANCE IS NOT BY LIES & PROPAGANDA! “

The Minister has responded to Yesufu with another tweet:

” Madam, I was not attacked, I did not see or escaped attackers, bandits or kidnappers. I did not “fled like a…” Insults & abuses will not change the fact that I was not attacked or escaped attack, in Kaduna last night. BTW, we can still be respectful & courteous here. Goodmornin”

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