Lai Mohammed disgraces Nigeria, wears suit on Agbada at Real Madrid stadium

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The Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has sparked controversy on the Nigerian social media after he was pictured wearing a jacket atop ‘agbada.’

The minister, who paid a guided tour to Real Madrid Stadium, Santiago Barnabeu, Madrid, Spain was lensed wearing a flowing skyblue cloloured agbada with a dust grey jacket on top and a traditional cap.

Some Nigerians, who were stunned at the minister’s sense of dressing, called for immediate psychiatrist test on him.

Some reactions below.

@ nkuuse lol this man is good at disgracing Nigerians, sir it’s not funny

When lies supercedes and precedes everything he does, the he must dress this way.
wearing a coat (that one no be suit) on top agbada. grin grin grin
I leave the rest for nairalanders

@adecz: A whole Minister of the FRN, so excited & behaving like one common tourist because
he is visiting Real Madrid Stadium.
See him ‘testing’ all the seats like one village man from……. Where sef??
PMB & his Charlie, Charlie ministers sef. See dressing like Jagwa or Wizard Of Oz…..

@Hokafor Lie lie Mohammed you look haggard. After all the Moines you have been stealing you still look like my gateman.

@aspirebig: Suit on top Agbada……..
When you wear cloth like ……you cant tell which country jollof rice sweets better because your subconscious mind is battling with the wrong cloth combination.
Why not wear “English” though as a pure “liar” wey im be, the lies will not be flowing well…or you wear just “native” …so when doing your ” lie lie” (work),you can easily cover the truth well with the Agbada…
Shioor….misplaced priorities every where
You dress how you want to addressed….
Do these guys even think about their image as ” Nigeria government ” at all?

His dressing is a reflection of how the country is govern. That is anyhow anyhow lol

@roffeluczy1 For God’s sake what has he gone there to do? instead of looking into Nigeria predicament as to sort things out, there he is at the pitch.
Nigerians, shine your eyes come 2019.

@Eaa247 were there no police officers in the stadium to stop a mad man from entering there? This must b a porous stadium.

Last year, the minister sparked a major online frenzy after he said the best jollof rice is made in fellow West Africa

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