Iran Accuses US of ‘Economic Terrorism’

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 18 – Amidst the increasing tensions between Iran and the West, the Foreign Minister of Iran, Mohamed Jawad Zarif has said that the United States is waging an economic war on Iranians.

In an interview with CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria, Zarif said while the US is about to wage a war on Iran with the current tension, the US and its allies have actually been waging an economic war on Iran for some time now.

Also, in a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday, Zarif accused the US of waging economic war on Iran through the resumption of sanctions against the country.

According to Zarif, in a physical war, the people are not the target but can be hurt. However, in an economic war, the people are the target, and in this case it is the Iranian people that are suffering.

The Minister also told Zakaria that Iran has never started a war, but they will be the ones who end it.

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