Iddo bridge is structurally okay and safe for use: FG

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The Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has declared the damaged Iddo bridge in Lagos fit for use, saying it is okay structurally and that the broken parts of the bridge do not threaten its users in any way.

The Ministry announced its inspection of the bridge through a series of statements available on Twitter after some news outlets had raised alarm over some damaged portions of it.

wishes to assure the good people of Lagos that Experts from the Ministry have examined the damaged part of Iddo Overhead Bridge (not Carter Bridge as mentioned in social media posts).”

According to the Ministry, the Director, Highways, Bridges and Designs in Works, Mr Adetokunbo Sogbesan, said that the Iddo Bridge is structurally okay and safe for use. Some tests had been conducted and the bridge is structurally okay and safe for use. The vehicles carrying excess load beyond the headwall of the bridge had knocked off outer slabs meant to beautify the bridge. The beams of the bridge had hollows which were covered by slabs but vehicles carrying loads beyond their headroom pulled off some outer covering of the bridge.

Ministry therefore said:

“there is no cause for alarm as the cracks caused by constant abuse of the Bridge has not affected its structural integrity and will be fixed in due course . The hollows are spaces. The structurally stability of the bridge both longitudinal and diagonal beams are structurally okay but for aesthetics measures the beams were covered with reinforced walls. It is the walls that are broken.”



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