Fulani from other Countries Don’t Need Visa to Enter Nigeria: Miyetti Allah

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SWITZERLAND, JANUARY 06 – National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Abdullahi Bello Bodejo, has said that the Fulani in other countries don’t need visa to come into Nigeria. In a recent interview with the Sun, the leader of cattle breeders association, pointed out that desperate politicians were behind the incessant herders-farmers clashes.

Remarking on why clashes between herdsmen and farmers seem to have reduced drastically, he said:

“The elections are over, and winners have emerged and there are also losers. The crises were mostly engineered by desperate politi- cians, who tried to use the clashes to score political points. These clashes reached their peak during the electioneering campaigns and after the elections, they have come down drastically.

“Fulani herdsmen don’t have cattle colony, they don’t have grazing reserve, they don’t have RUGA, yet, the farmers are there and the herdsmen are also there and we are no longer hear- ing of clashes; that shows there is something to it that many people don’t understand, and we should begin to ask questions. In essence, there are no real herdsmen and farmers’ crises; it is purely hatred some people have for the Fulani. Some desperate politicians ignite trouble here and there so that the blame will be Fulani.”

In the interview, Bodejo also said:

“We need grazing reserves, and I’m urging the federal government, as well as the state governors to bring back our grazing reserves all over the country, in all the 36 states. The colonial masters, and the founding fathers of the country had already mapped out grazing reserves across the country and that should be restored. These reserves are still available in all the states; some of them are gazetted, while others are not; some of them are lying fallow, as people are not farm- ing there, there are no activities there, but out of hatred, they have refused the Fulani to settle there.

People are alleging that the free visa policy the federal government is proposing is a ploy to bring in Fulani from different countries, as part of the Fulanisation agenda, what is your position on this?

This is democracy, anybody can say and criticise anything. Fulani are all over Africa and they are the biggest ethnic group in the world, they don’t have border; nothing concerns them with visa. With their cows, they can cross any border and go anywhere they want where there is green pasture.

On the visa question, Bodejo said:

What concerns Fulani with visa? The Fulani that need visa are very few, and they are the very educated ones and are in government in other countries. Free visa or no free visa, Fulani don’t have any border.

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