Fire incidence caused breakdown in National grid: Ministry of Power

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The ministry of Power, Works and Housing has released its official statement on the power outages currently being experienced in many parts of the country.

Today’s Echo had earlier reported that a collapse in the National electricity grid is causing the current black out being experienced by some parts of the country.

In a statement released on social media channels, the ministry said:

“Regrettably, after a sustained period of increasing production and distribution of power since September, the Nigerian Gas Processing and Transportation Company Ltd (NGPTC) has reported a fire incident on its Escravos Lagos Pipeline System on Tuesday, 2nd January, 2018.

The incident requires a shutdown of the pipeline supplying gas to Egbin 1,320MW; Olorunsogo NIPP 676MW, Olorunsogo 338MW, Omotosho NIPP 450MW, Omotosho 338 MW and Paras 60MW power stations.

The sudden loss of generation due to interruption in gas supply from these stations caused the national transmission grid to trip off around 20:20 on 2nd January 2018. The national transmission grid is owned and operated by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Most of Nigeria’s power generation is from thermal power stations that require gas for fuel. The gas is produced by oil and gas companies overseen by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

The gas is delivered to the power stations through pipelines owned and operated by Nigerian Gas Processing and Transportation Company Ltd (NGPTC), a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC).

Once the national grid is restored output from the hydroelectric power stations and all other unaffected gas fired thermal power stations will be increased to the extent possible to minimize the impact of loss of generation from the affected power stations.”

The ministry said TCN and the generation companies are working to restore operation of the national grid and urged members of the public to bear with them as they work to overcome this set back which will be temporary.


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