FG Releases Operational Guidelines for Restoring Order to Apapa

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The Federal Government has released the operational guidelines for the decongestion of Apapa port and the restoration of sanity to the port and the road leading to it.

Recall that on May 22, the Presidency had ordered the clearance of the Apapa gridlock and the restoration of law and order to Apapa and its environs within 2 weeks.

The directive mandates the immediate removal of all trucks from the bridges and roads within Apapa and all adjoining streets leading into the Apapa axis.

To facilitate this important assignment, operators of trucks and tankers were also directed to vacate the Port Access Roads within the next 72 hours.

The Federal government has therefore, set up a task force made up of different government civil and law enforcement agencies.

Operational Guidelines and Modus Operandi on the Implementation of Presidential Directive on Apapa Gridlock Resolution

1. Stakeholders’ engagement is critical. Continuous stakeholders engagement.

2. Restoration of Law and Order to guide Port Area traffic via the deployment of:

i. An efficient and effective traffic management plan for the entire port area traffic, including the cargo, fuel distribution and business district traffic.

ii. Effective truck incident recovery and rescue plan.

iii. An effective traffic management integrated manual Call-up system pending the introduction of an electronic call-up system.

iv. An effective 24-hour Mobile Police enforcement team for Security and back up for all enforcement activities . The dedicated Mobile Police team is led by a Commissioner of Police.

3. Deployment of a revised effective Empty Container Return management policy.

4. Use of dedicated Truck parks as temporary holding bays for access to Port via NPA Lilly Pond Terminal.

5. Provision and strict adherence to a newly developed NPA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Port Truck Clearance Procedures incorporating the temporary Manual Call-Up system.

6. Implementation of an NPA based transparent and an all-inclusive Stakeholders ‘endorsed” Call-up system for Empty Containers, Export containers and other Port operations Truck related Vehicular movements.

A. Truck Park Management

All trucks approaching the ports are to:

1. Be staged at NPA accredited temporary Truck Parks for Port access via Lilypond Terminal.

2. Trucks to access Port via manual NPA Call-up system as per the NPA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Port Truck Clearance Procedures.

B. Port Area Traffic Management

1. The Task Team Enforcement Team will ensure ALL Stationary, Imoveable, Accidented, Incidented or wrongfully Parked Trucks are removed on all port access roads with effect from Sunday 26 th of May, 2019 to a designated LASTMA impound yard. Penalty Fines, Fees and Charges to be imposed before release as per applicable Lagos State Laws after undertaken by Truck and consignment owner, RWC of Truck and a Presidential consent.

2. Sided, Reefer, Silos, Arewa, Dangote, BUA, FMNL, Honeywell, Fish and Flat bed trucks approaching Port gate are to be given Priority Access based on their individual Port Terminal program, capacity and common access traffic management system.

3. All export container carrying trucks:

i. If perishable and Reefer containers; are to proceed directly to the port for services and delivery.

ii. If customer’s clearance is required; trucks are to approach NPA designated Park for Customs clearance/release.

C. Tasks, Operators and Responsibilities

1. Tasks

i. Supervision and Direction: TASK Team

ii. Security and Enforcement Supervision: Nigerian Police

iii. Traffic Management: LASG, LASTMA

iv. Traffic Safety: FRSC, LASG

v. Ownership: NPA, NSC, LASG

vi. Support and Cooperation: ALL Stakeholders

2. Operations

i. Task Team Leader: Comrade Kayode Opeifa

ii. ALL Enforcement Lead: Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu

iii. Police Team Lead: AC Bayo Suleiman

iv. Traffic Management Lead: AD Bolaji Oreagba

v. Traffic Safety Lead: Sector commander Higinus Omeje

vi. Call-Up Systems Operations NPA

vii. Port Gate Operations NPA

viii. NPA Lilly Pond Operations

ix. Temporary Truck Parks Management NPA/NSC/Task Team

3. Stakeholders


ii. Nigerians

iii. Apapa GRA Residents Association

iv. Port Terminal Operators

v. Fuel Distribution logistics and related businesses concerns (MOMAN, DAPMAN, NUPENG, PTD, others)

vi. Port logistics and related businesses Concerns (ANCLA, NAGAFF, Shippers etc )

vii. Manufacturing concerns (BUA, Dangote Flour Mills, Honneywell, others)

viii. Haulage transport operations and operators (COMTUA, Amalgamated, AMARTO, NARTO, RTEAN, NURTW goods only and others)

ix. Shipping, clearing and forwarding agencies, associations and support services (NAGAF, ANCLA and others)

x. Nigerian Ports Authority, PPMC, DPR, NN, and other government agencies


xii. Apapa Local Government

xiii. Media

xiv. Organised Private sectors

xv. Investors

xvi. Others

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