Fani Kayode, others kick as herdsmen kill PDP spokesperson in Adamawa herdsmen attack

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Prominent PDP chieftain and former Aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode has reacted to the death of PDP spokesperson in Adamawa State, Sam Zadok yesterday, in a clash between farmers and herdsmen. Sam Zadok was the Adamawa State PDP publicity secretary.

Fani-Kayode wrote on his twitter account this morning:

“Yesterday Sam Zadok, brother of late Asaph Zadok and a fmr. Comm. of Youth and Sports in Adamawa,was murdered with 6 others by Fulani terrorists whilst on their way to Gwampa to commiserate with the families of other Bachamas that had been killed on sunday by other Fulanis”

“the Fulani terrorists not only mutilated the bodies of Sam and the 6 others but also removed their eyes and vital organs. I can’t understand why they not only insist on slaughtering people but on also desecrating their bodies.Those that did this are not human but beasts.”

“..Sam was my brother and my heart goes out to his family, his traditional ruler, his Numan community and to Sen. Grace Bent his friend. Must every Bachama man, woman and child be killed by the Fulani? Numan can never be defeated. They were warriors from the start and still are.”

According to media reports, Sam Zadock, and 13 others were confirmed killed on Tuesday, February 27, in the violence between herdsmen and farming communities in the state.

Premium Times reports that the opposition party on Wednesday, February 28, confirmed the killing of Zadock in a clash between Bachama militia and herdsmen in Numan-Demsa areas.

The PDP secretary in the state, Abdullahi Prembe, said: “It’s unfortunate that we lost our publicity secretary; it’s a great loss to our party. “That’s why we kept calling on the government to take steps in solving the lingering crisis plaguing our societies,’’ he said.

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