Feb 23 should be declared ‘Day of Liberation’ in Kwara: Lai Mohammed

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has stated that February 23 should be declared a ‘Day of Liberation’ in Kwara State due to the defeat of Bukola Saraki in the Senatorial election and APC’s victory in the state.

APC leader in the state, said at a press conference in Ilorin on Monday

Lai Mohammed said that under an All Progressives Congress (APC) dispensation, February 23rd of every year will be observed as the ‘Day of Liberation’ by the people of Kwara.

”I want to ask the incoming Governor of our state to, immediately he is sworn in on 29 May 2019, to declare Feb. 23rd of every year as the ‘Day of Liberation’ for Kwara State,” the Minister, said.

He thanked God and the people of Kwara for the ‘clean sweep’ which the

party achieved in last Saturday’s elections in the state, saying the

party won the match against the PDP 10-0 (1-0 for President, 3-0 for

Senate and 6-0 for House of Representatives).

”With the outcome of last Saturday’s elections, I can now

conveniently say that KWARA IS FREE! Free from a choking and

pauperizing political hegemony of a self-imposed dynasty! Never again

will Kwarans be treated like slaves in their own land. Enough is

Enough. O To Ge!” Alhaji Mohammed said.

He said no single individual deserves credit for the APC’s massive

victory in the elections, adding that the credit for the victory goes

to the good people of Kwara.

The Minister noted that after being galvanized by ”perhaps the most

impactful, three-word political slogan ever in the history of party

politics in this land”, Kwarans have confirmed the saying that the

power of the people is much stronger the people in power.

He also said that with the APC’s victory in last Saturday’s elections,

the ‘Berlin Wall’ of Kwara politics has cracked further, and will

finally crumble on March 9th, when the state votes in a new Governor

and members of the State House of Assembly.

Alhaji Mohammed said Saturday’s election in the state was free, fair

and peaceful, noting: ”Let me put on the record that the victory in

Kwara was achieved in the sweetest way – The election was conducted in

an atmosphere of peace and security. Not a single shot was fired throughout Kwara. No one snatched ballot box. it was an atmosphere of conviviality. It was

a sharp departure from what used to be in the state.”

He thanked all the APC members and supporters across the state, as

well as all the leaders of the party at all levels.

The Minister, however, enjoined them to return to the drawing board in

order to correct whatever lapses they may have noticed in last

Saturday’s election, with a view to voting massively for the party’s

Governorship and House of Assembly candidates.

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