Fayose is the most wasteful governor in Ekiti history – Victor Kolade

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Victor Kolade, an All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship aspirant in Ekiti State has described the state Governor, Ayodele Fayose as the most wasteful governor in the history of the state.

Kolade said Fayose’s stomach infrastructure was nothing but a fraud, adding that people are still hungry in the state.

Kolade said, “Ekiti state was created in October 1996, but one thing that is certain is that there is no tangible development. You cannot see an improvement.

“Anybody who visited the state when it was created and now, would agree with me that there is no substantial development.

“The infrastructure that the governor is talking about is a farce. What he is talking about stomach infrastructure is nothing but a fraud. One thing I have always told my audience is that the human capital in Ekiti is not developed.

“If you want to go the Ghadaffi way and you divide this money by the 2.5 million people in Ekiti, each of us would be entitled to about N4 million.

“Now, if you take N1.6 billion for instance and give N100 million to each of the 16 local governments and then form co-operatives, you then ask people to access the loans, you would have created more millionaires in the state.

“The bridge is so long that no one will even use it except few people travelling very far because underneath it, there are so many easy outlets that motorists can use.

“If we had successive governments and they were not able to discern that this burden should be taken off the shoulders of government, then what are we talking about? Successive governments in Ekiti state have failed.

“The second problem we have is hunger. We farm so much but so well we are hungry. It is like 90 percent of everybody in the state is a farmer even while doing government work, but hunger is still prevalent in the land.

“You remember how someone was cooking, went inside in the house and by the time she came out, the food had been stolen from the fire. It happened in Ekiti state.

“It is like this because there is no government interference in farming. Farmers till the ground hopelessly. They farm on lands that have been farmed consistently by several generations earlier on.

“Thirdly, the behavioural attitude of an average Ekiti person is going down the drain. Most of the youths now take to drugs. The social order in Ekiti is bad. There is so much to be done”.

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