Fake News? Gimba Kakanda Under Attack After Confirming Wike Has not Demolished Port Harcourt Mosque

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SWITZERLAND, AUGUST 26 – Nigerian writer, Gimba Kakanda, has come under criticism for falsely accusing Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, of demolishing the Trans-Amadi Central Mosque in Port Harcourt.

On Sunday evening, several media outfits had published the story that Wike allegedly demolished a popular mosque in Port Harcourt.

Mr Kakanda, a Muslim, had posted a video on Twitter late Sunday of people believed to be Muslims sitting on ruins of a building.

He wrote: “Why did Governor Wike demolish this mosque in Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt? I’m asking this question because, in spite of our history of intolerance, places of worship hardly featured in our politics of hate. We are descending into a new low, and it’s sad.”

In another tweet, the journalist said he had been informed that there was no demolition of any mosque.

“On the demolition of a central mosque in Port Harcourt, I have just been informed that the structure of the mosque had not been erected as reported, and that there was no incident of demolition at all. Unless anyone has a counter to this, I think we should all let it slide,” he said.

Nigerians on Twitter have knocked the writer, accusing him of promoting ‘fake’ news to incite violence.

The Twitter influencer has defended himself, arguing that he was only amplifying what he had read on a reputable media platform and Nigerians should praise him for investigating the truth about the matter.

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