We have failed Nigerians, Tinubu admits

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Former governor of Lagos state and National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Ahmed Tinubu has indicted the ruling class of Nigeria for failure to deliver on its promises.

He made the remark at the annual Daily Trust Dialogue in Abuja today, where he implored Nigerians not to allow politics as usual to decide the 2019 election season. His speech was read by a former commissioner for finance in Lagos State, Olawale Edun.

According to the elder statesman, Nigeria is approaching 60 years of nationhood, but it has remained a complex yet incomplete work of art and a project as much on the drawing board.

“Rather than becoming a joyous nation, Nigeria has become a cruel playground where the fears and concerns of the average person get exploited but their interests never get promoted.”

He said it would require many years of outstanding governance to heal the ills that have bedevilled Nigeria as a nation. He also urged the Federal Government to solve the problem of fuel subsidy, which he said, has caused more pains than solutions.

“As a progressive, I believe we must transform the nation by embarking on deep and impactful reforms, by creating more jobs, providing social policy initiatives and building an infrastructure befitting a leading nation. Social services must become a reality close at hand and not a vague dream lying in the distance,” Tinubu said in the speech that showed concern for failure of governance in Nigeria.

Going forward, Tinubu insisted that: “We must insist on the principle that elections do not return to being games played by a well-heeled elite while the rest of the nation is left to struggle and starve,” he said while addressing the topic, ‘Nigeria and the Challenges of 2019, this is Not a Game’.

“The people must resist all appeals to unthinking passions and old prejudices. We must adhere to what our conscience reveals as the best path to good governance for all,” he said.


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