Election day: Voting closes officially, continues in several polling units

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Late arrival of materials, malfunctioning card readers and other logistics problems are some of the things that have made voters remain at several polling units across the country even though voting has officially closed.

According to INEC, voting commences by 8:00am and closes by 10: am. Afterwards, counting will begin.

Some of the people Today’s Echo interviewed revealed that the huge turnout of people in some areas overwhelmed election officials, leading to long queues of voters after 2:00 pm

A voter from Akoka, in Alimosho local government of Lagos state remarked that voter turnout is high and the process peaceful.

“Things are peaceful here because most of the troublemakers have gone into hiding due to the order given by the president to be strict against election disrupters,” the voter said.

In the town of Ire, Oye Local government, our correspondent reports that voting is still ongoing and may not end anytime soon. However, the atmosphere is calm as people conduct themselves peacefully.

“You can see this long queue, it is because election started late here. I don’t even think this will end by 3:00pm, ” a voter told our correspondent.


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